Saudi Arabia's changing Age Pyramid: Bracing for the Demographic Transition

Unlike the common perception that remained true for decades, Saudi Arabia is now at an early stage of its demographic transition to an older population and thus has an opportunity to prepare early for such a shift.

This report explores the changing demographic dynamics in Saudi Arabia. Through secondary research conducted by Strategic Gears' experts from national and international databases and by studying the experience of G20 countries, we provide an understanding of the demographic changes in Saudi Arabia, highlighting the potential long-term impact an ageing population can have on countries, as well as discuss the implications for policy issues in Saudi Arabia's context.

The report provides an initial analysis and a starting point for further research and policy interventions. The implications highlighted in this report for Saudi Arabia span multiple dimensions -- the economy, the labor market, health & social care, housing & infrastructure and the society -- each of which can be examined individually in further depth to draw more specific and granular conclusions/recommendations/insights.




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