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Strategic Gears is Saudi Arabia’s authorized seller of “Color Accounting” on behalf of (Color Accounting International), which is a revolutionary new way of quickly and easily understanding financial information in two days, including the ability to read and understand income statements & balance sheets. It uses diagrams and logical colors to show graphically how accounting works. It builds a potent model of how business works.

Participants are fully engaged, with storytelling, hands-on materials, and model-building. It all happens on their desks and in a vivid diagram on the whiteboard.  It's wonderful.  No boring slides, no power failures, no same old same old.


The Color Accounting approach to accounting education is interactive: logical colors, vivid diagrams, plain language, accelerated learning techniques, and even special sound effects, cater to all learning styles. Colorful diagrams mean that learners are now able to – literally – see how accounting, finance, and business work.

The training is NOT intended to be specifically for accountants, rather, it mainly targets non-accountants who need to understand basic accounting principles thoroughly to perform better at their jobs and responsibilities. Hence, the training methodology and material has been developed in a uniquely colorful, and visual way that has been developed over 20 years, to achieve these objectives

Color Accounting has been running its unique financial literacy training solutions since 2000. ACA and its partners have run training events for tens of thousands of participants in practically every industry, including the financial industry, such as:

  • The Saudi Stock Exchange “Tadawul”
  • FINRA (financial industry regulatory authority), USA - investor education
  • SEC (Securities Exchange Commission), USA
  • Johannesburg Stock Exchange, South Africa
  • NLRB (National Labor Relations Board), USA
  • Goldman Sachs, USA
  • Morgan Stanley, USA
  • ING Group, Netherlands
  • HSBC Group, UK
  • And others

It has also been recognized and used by the world’s top universities:

Learning Outcomes

Typical learning outcomes for a one-day Color Accounting training include:

  • Developing a deep understanding of the Balance Sheet
  • Deriving the Income Statement and understanding how it connects with the Balance Sheet
  • Clearly and unforgettably defining Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Revenue & Expenses
  • Integrating these five elements into a holistic view called the BaSIS Framework™
  • Recording transactions using the journal and general ledger
  • Understanding the Value Cycle of business
  • Practicing financial communication: grasping not only terminology, but also the ambiguity of terms, and
  • Communication pitfalls
  • Identifying the drivers of cash flow, and how they are reported on the Cash Flow Statement
  • Analyzing financial statements of a business and identifying risk areas, performance changes, opportunities for improvement
  • Preparing budgets and forecasts

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