Strategic Gears provides services that enable organizations to achieve their strategies, from building the organizational design and operating models, to project and change management, all while monitoring performance and upskilling the organizations’ human capital.


Defining stakeholders and designing interaction models, either internally or externally, along with formulating relevant mandates, policies, protocols, and authorities among others that govern organizations and entities.

Organizational Design

Enabling organizations to reach their strategic direction through designing functional structures, positional structures, functional statements, and job descriptions.

Operating Model Design

Building the bridge between strategy and implementation through designing operating models that consider value proposition, value chains, process taxonomies, capabilities, and needed requirements.

Business Process Management

Enabling entities to align business functions with customer needs, and helping executives determine how to deploy, monitor, and measure company resources leading to improved and optimized results.

Policies and Procedures

Developing policies and procedures that standardize operations resulting in a smooth and efficient organization with less conflict.

Project Management

Applying world class methodologies, tools, and techniques to manage portfolios, programs and projects from initiation until closure, including the establishment of Project Management Offices (PMOs).

Change Management

Managing the dynamics of change and supporting clients in achieving a smoother transition to the desired state considering human behavior and leveraging well-rounded frameworks.

Performance Management

Measuring organizational performance against preset indicators and suggesting developmental action items to steer efforts towards success.

Capacity Building

Developing the human capabilities of organizations considering the current state and the needed corrective actions to reach the future state through coaching, training and continuous learning.

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